Nadi Shodhana Pranayama
Workshop and Retreat:

    Date Time Type Topic Venue
    29-31 Jul 2016 3D2N Retreat The Science of Breath Cameron Highlands, Pahang
    8-14 Oct 2015 1 week Retreat Spiritual place of Yoga Rishikesh, India
    11-13 July, 1-3 Aug 2014 3D2N Retreat Getting in touch with the true self Bukit Tinggi, Bentong
    23 Mar 2014 1pm - 4.30pm Workshop Yogasana Movement: illuminate with the new light Perfect yoga, Cheras
    16 Mar 2014 1pm - 4.30pm Workshop Yogasana Movement: strike a balance Perfect yoga, Cheras
    9 Mar 2014 1pm - 4.30pm Workshop Yogasana Movement: the twist & turn in life Perfect yoga, Cheras
    2 Mar 2014 1pm - 4.30pm Workshop Yogasana Movement: energize, expand & embrace life Perfect yoga, Cheras
    23 Feb 2014 1pm - 4.30pm Workshop Yogasana Movement: surrender to the flow Perfect yoga, Cheras
    31 May-02 Jun 2013 3D-2N Retreat Yogic culture in the concrete jungle Cameron Highlands, Pahang
    14 Oct 2012 9am - 12noon Workshop Yoga Technology: Chakra, Nadi & Swara Perfect yoga, Puchong
    20-22 Aug 2010 3D-2N Retreat Harmonizing the body, mind & spirit Cameron Highlands, Pahang
    20 Mar 2010 3.30pm-6.30pm Workshop An Introduction to dynamic meditation Perfect yoga, Puchong
    17 Jan 2010 8am-12pm Workshop Kunjal-Jala neti-Pranayama Perfect yoga, Puchong
    10 Jan 2010 8am-12pm Workshop Jala neti-Pranayama-Tratak Perfect yoga, Puchong
    10,31 Oct 2009 2pm-5pm Workshop Jala neti-Pranayama-Tratak Prana yoga, Kota Damansara
    6,7,8 Dec 2008 3D-2N Retreat Getting in touch with the true self Bukit Tinggi
    23 Nov 2008 3-6pm Workshop Sequencing-demonstration-correcting, SDC Perfect yoga, Puchong
    22 Nov 2008 3-6pm Workshop Ayurveda and Yoga Perfect yoga, Puchong
    7,8,9 Nov 2008 3D-2N Retreat Getting in touch with the true self Bukit Tinggi
    2 Nov 2008 3-6pm Workshop Yoga, Mind and Ego Perfect yoga, Puchong
    Note: any change in venue will be notified ASAP.
    Ideal time to reflect and learn more about the true self and understand relationship with everybody/everything around us.

    Things to bring:
    • Yoga mats and neti pots
    • Note book
    • Shawl to cover
    • Loads of enthusiasm

    Do not bring / use:
    • Cell phone
    • Excess baggage
    • Worries

    Retreat and Workshop Facilitator/Coordinator:
    Contact: Hoo @ 012-3790805, Tracy @ 012-2206108

    'Getting in touch with the true self'
    A momentary distancing from all routine and people / things of attachment and finding solace in a tranquil setting ... this retreat will involve complete immersion in yogic way of life / ashram life, woven around Cleansing practices (Shatkarmas), experiencing simplicity in everyday activity and 'Presencing / living in the now' that is so difficult to even imagine amidst our busy, modern day, mechanized life.

    'Harmonizing the body, mind & spirit'
    Balancing the energy through yogic practices in a peaceful & natural surrounding... detach from all routine and work to reconnect with your true self

    'Land of Yoga'
    The spiritual place of Rishikesh

    1. Yoga, Mind and Ego:
      • Nature of EGO
      • Identifying Ego
      • The influence of Ego over the mind
      • Yoga and Ego
      • Yogic practices to manage with Ego

    2. Ayurveda and Yoga:
      • Integrating two ancient life sciences for a better understanding of body and mind
      • Evaluating the true nature (Prakruti) and the dominating elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth)
      • Evaluating the best weather, food, job, spouse, type of yoga/exercise, based on true nature (Prakruti)

    3. Sequencing-demonstrating-correcting, SDC: (For yoga instructors only)
      • Principles of sequencing asanas/pranayama
      • Classical sequences in Yoga
      • Group work-Sequence creation-Presentation-Review
      • The art of demonstrating
      • The art of correcting

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