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Professional leaders in the wellness industry serving the Puchong area: Perfect Yoga was started in October 2005 with a mission to bring the goodness of yoga to people and with a modest investment. Now, it has grown to 5 spacious studios and become a household name in yoga in this region, delivering quality yoga sessions and personalized service to suit every need. Perfect Yoga also provides a platform for every practitioner to deepen and sustain a complete yogic practice with its numerous international certification programs, workshops and retreats.

Mission statement: enabling, empowering, evolving: people of all walks of life with yoga.
Perfect Yoga, Puchong (studio 1)
Perfect Yoga, Puchong (studio 2)
Perfect Yoga, Puchong (studio 3)
Perfect Yoga, Cheras (studio 4)
Perfect Yoga, Cheras (studio 5)

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Tracy Chaw: Founder-Director, Perfect Yoga
Tracy is a certified yoga and fitness teacher with 15 years experienced. Her first Yoga and Group Fitness studio was in Cheras which she co-founded. After few years, Tracy founded Perfectline yoga and fitness city (aka Perfect Yoga), Puchong, a place dedicated to teaching authentic yoga and fitness exercise.

Through her dedication and hardwork spreading the awareness of yoga, making Perfect Yoga a household name in Yoga in the region. Today, after many years of journey on the path of yoga, she distributes her time between managing 4 yoga studios and leading Vinyasa, APMB and Hatha sessions.

Her valuable experience in yoga and fitness field make her a respected yoga teacher trainer in the region. To Tracy, 'Yoga is a tool to discover freedom and true meaning of life'.

Hoo Chee Heng: Director, Perfect yoga
Hoo is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500, YACEP) with Yoga Alliance US and also co-founder of Perfect Yoga. He has conducted numerous batches Yoga Teacher-Training Course, Yoga Workshop and Yoga Retreat. A black-belt holder in Tae Kwon Do since 13 years old and had a headstand lesson as a first introduction to yoga asana by his martial arts master. After spending years in engineering field, he decided to change the course of his life and focus fully to deepen his knowledge in yoga. He studied from different teachers especially from Pradeep G Gowda, Christopher Schafer, Karin O' Bannon, Martin Kirk, David Swenson and variety of yoga traditions including Satyananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Kriya yoga.

He feels greatful to be able to learn, adopt and share the most valuable inheritance of the present. In this challenging world, it is a necessity for daily life to live in balance and at same time preparing the mind and body for the great potential from within.

Shiryn Chia
Chia first started practicing yoga 6 years ago to overcome her physiological issues, which she did but found herself hooked to the practice. She was convinced beyond doubt that sharing this timeless wisdom with people in need would fulfill her lifeís purpose, so she quit her job as a HR officer after completion of instructor certification course and ever since has been following up with courses, workshops and retreats to deepen her practice and knowledge of yoga.

She loves meeting like-minded yoga practitioners, which gives her an opportunity to share wisdom. Chia, the pocket sized powerhouse instructor, leads hatha, vinyasa, power and APMB sessions at Perfect yoga. She also facilitates master teachers during workshops and retreats.

'To her yoga is a means to find the true meaning in life'.

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